Services to Save Your Memories

Printed & Digital Photo Organization Private sessions

Debra Durma is an APPO  Certified Professional Photo Organizer and a Forever Certified Ambassador

 Do you NOT have a clue where to start with your photos mess?  Do you wish you had someone to help you?  

Contact me and together we will create an individualized plan that is right for you!

 I can organize your photos along-side of you, independently or help you set up a do-it-yourself system. 

For those of you in the Phoenix, Arizona area, I can work with you at your home or remotely. For those of you in other parts of the state or country, I will  work with you remotely.

Contact me and set up a complimentary, 

FREE needs-assessment consultation. 



 Need a speaker for your organization?  Do you want family and friends to learn along side of you but they live in a different city?  

 “SAVE YOUR PHOTOS” is a timely topic that provides simple tips and solutions on how to manage, share and enjoy your lifetime of photos!  

This Presentation is offered on site for those who live in the Phoenix, AZ area or as an Online event through for those out of town.  

 Contact me and set up your Educational Presentation today.  

Monthly Workshops


  Do you prefer to get together with 

other photo enthusiasts to make progress on your photo goals?  

The Photo Organization and Scrapbooking Workshop is an open, fun workshop surrounded by other photo organizers and scrapbookers.  You will have space and time to organize your digital photos and complete your albums.   The workshop is open to all digital and traditional scrapbookers as well as those who attended any of my Photos classes. 

See Events page for dates, locations and upcoming workshops & classes.  

are your memories in danger?


 Are your Memories in Danger?  

Are your Photos & Videos safe?

It is not a matter of  if the technology will crash, but when! 

Remember 3 – 2 – 1


ON 2 MEDIA TYPES (i.e. Computer & External Hard Drive)

Keep 1 COPY in a SEPARATE LOCATION   (i.e. on a cloud based service)


Contact me to discuss Memory back-up options so that you will never loose another memory.  

de-clutter your photo memories


 Thanks to the Professional Organizing industry, we have all learned about the importance of reducing our clutter.   Many of us know about the dangers of surrounding our lives with “stuff”.  We work to clean out the pantry, the garage, the closet, our wardrobe, etc.

Have you looked at your printed and digital photo collection lately?  Are your bookshelves, drawers, boxes, filled with printed photo clutter?  Are your computers, cameras, phones, etc. filled with digital photo clutter?

 So what is the solution?  Often less is more when it comes to our “stuff” and that statement can be applied to our photo collections.   Contact me today to discuss solutions for de-cluttering your photos & memories.

How can you help me?


Here are some ways that I can help you with your Photo & Video memories:

  • Gather & Organize
  • Back up
  • Core file structure
  • Photo Action Plan
  • Workflows
  • Keywords & Tagging
  • Share with others
  • Collaborative Sharing (with friends and family)
  • Training 
  • Photo Projects

3 Levels of Service:

(remote and in person)

Teach Me: Take a class to learn how to work on your own

Help Me: Work side by side with Debra  

Do It For Me: I do the work for you.  

 Don’t let your precious memories be stuck in boxes, a device or lost in a disaster. Let’s get you started today!